George's Imports is a different kind of dealership. You won't find the owner, Brad Schaffner sitting behind a mahogany desk in a $900 suit and starched white shirt. You will find him dressed in service blues; elbow deep squeezing the most performance possible from a turbo charged four cylinder.

It's no exaggeration to say that the service department has a world wide reputation. As experts in SAAB, the technicians at George's Imports combine high tech diagnostic procedures with years of common sense repair experience. So when a problem occurs you can rest assured that the best experts in the country have your interests at heart.

For over 32 years George's Imports has been recognized as the authority for service on SAAB vehicles. But many know that the reputation is not limited to just SAAB. Before George's Imports Ltd. was a SAAB dealership they were recognized as experts in servicing foreign cars of all makes. It was 1964 that Brad's father moved George's Foreign Car Service to a commercial location. Today you can trust that George's is the best place for service on all of your automobiles.
In many ways the service department at George's is like your friendly local mechanic for the routine maintenance of your automobile; reasonable, affordable, accommodating, fast and competent. The comforting thing about having your vehicle serviced at George's Imports, is that they know your car so well they can prevent a problem from developing.


They couldn't be easier to find. George's Imports is located on State Line road just North of I-435 at 81st Street in Kansas City, MO. Some loyal customers drive all the way from Texas to have their car serviced at George's Imports Ltd.

As the automotive service evolves with the world of high technology, many service departments depend on technicians who simply replace defective parts.  At George's Imports our technicians are not only highly skilled and trained but they still embrace the history of the mechanic who can repair problems. 

Who do you want working on your car, someone who simply replaces components or someone that can repair your problem? 

Maybe that's why George's Imports customers are so loyal.  They know that you if you drive the very best, you expect the very best service. 

George's Imports, Ltd.
505 E 135th
Kansas City MO 64145
816-361-2096 Fax

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